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Mind Body With Ang

Are you ready to move for your Mind AND Body?



I am a twenty-two year old, Fitness and Wellness professional with an ACE (American Council On Exercise) Personal Training and Group Fitness Certification. I am also certified in Mat Pilates from the University of California San Diego. I have a passion for teaching others to move and take care of their health for their mind and body. I believe movement should help us all not only cope with our stress and daily struggles, but it should also empower our bodies to function better and keep us strong and healthy. Exercise changed my life and gave me back control over my mental health when I was at my lowest and continues to be my lifeline while coping with my anxiety disorder. My interest in nutrition and cooking has transitioned from a hobby to a career as I am a graduate from UCSD with a B.S in Public Health with a Concentration in community Health Sciences and a current Masters student at Saybrook University studying Integrative and Functional Nutrition and Integrative Wellness Coaching. I believe in “eating intentionally,” and giving my body the nutrients it needs to be fueled, happy, and healthy. I coach my clients to move and manage their nutrition in order to improve their mood, to feel strong, and to learn to have gratitude for their bodies and all that they can do. Working with me means moving for your mind and body. 

ACE GFI Certification
CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified
ACE PT Certification


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